Here at Form and Face we understand that most people are unaware of the medical terms used in Plastic and Cosmetic surgery or in relation to the common procedure, breast augmentation mammoplasty. Below we hope to help you understand these surgeries a little more.


The pigmented or darker coloured area of the skin surrounding the nipple of the breast. Click here to read more.

Lack of proportion of shape, size, and/ position between the two breasts.

Thinning or diminishing of tissues or muscle.

Referring to the armpit area.

A lump in the breast.

A surgical procedure to replace breast tissue that has been removed due to cancer or trauma or that has failed to develop properly due to severe breast abnormality.

A tightening of the tissue capsule surrounding an implant, resulting in firmness or hardening of the breast and in squeezing of the implant if severe. Capsular contracture has a grading system.

  • Normally Soft and natural appearance
  • A little firm, but the breast looks normal
  • More firm than normal, looks abnormal. Possible shape change.
  • Hard , obvious distortion and tenderness with pain

Scar tissue which forms around the breast implant. Sometimes this capsule squeezes the implant, resulting in capsular contracture.

Surgical removal of the scar tissue capsule around the implant.

An abnormal development in part of the body, present in some form since birth.

Movement of the implant from the usual or proper place.

A psychological condition characterized by an obsession with minor or an imagined physical flaw to the point that it can interfere with normal functioning.

Placement of a breast implant partially underneath the pectoral muscle and partially in front of the muscle.

Connective tissues composed mostly of fibres.

A lump or mass made of inflammatory cells surrounding a foreign substance due to longstanding inflammation.

A collection of blood within a space.

An enlarged scar remaining after the healing of a wound. Possibly raised, dark in appearance and lumpy.

The response of the body to infection, injury or trauma that is usually either red, swollen, warm, painful, or reduced movement.

The crease at the base of the breast. The incision is made in the fold of the bottom of the breast.

Referring to the breast.

Surgery of or to the breast.

Inflammation of the breast. Usually very painful with medication to help reduce symptoms.

Plastic surgery of or to the breast to lift lax or low breasts higher.

The ability to feel the implant.

To feel with the hand.

Major muscle in the chest.

Incision around the darkened or pigmented area surrounding the nipple of the breast.

Breast laxity that is usually the result of normal aging, pregnancy, or weight loss.

A tear or hole in the implant shell.

A build up of watery portion of the blood in a tissue location

Placement of a breast implant underneath and within the breast glands but on top of the chest muscle.

Placement of a breast implant underneath the chest muscle.

Through the armpit. The incision to be made through the armpit.

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