Ask Me Anything: Breast Augmentation FAQs with Dr Norris

The most frequently asked question at our practice is “Should I get breast augmentation?” More often than not, Dr Norris is able to offer women a two-thumbs-up, thanks to innovations in techniques and ground-breaking advancements in surgical procedures. What triggers a ‘No’?

“Implants should be placed to help a woman achieve her own ideal self-image, not to look like a movie star. By the same token, “No woman should have a breast augmentation to please a partner, save a failing relationship, or other external reasons,” says Dr Norris.

Once patients have answered the “Should I?” question, these are other things they want to know about the wide world of breast augmentation. This article is for them…and for you.

Will a large implant give me more cleavage?

Perhaps. “The size and placement of implants can contribute to cleavage, but are not the only factors involved,” says Dr Norris. “Cleavage is determined by the shape and width of your chest, as well as how close your breasts are to one another.”

Can I pick my new bra size?

Surgeons deal in the world of cubic centimetres, not women’s fashion, when placing implants. As a result, your ultimate cup size may not be what you expect. “Cup size is not important, per se,” says Dr Norris. “It’s about choosing an implant that is the right proportion to a woman’s body.”

Will my breast implants feel “stuck on”?

Even women who are delighted with the results of their breast implant surgery will need a little time to get accustomed to them. “Patients may feel a little disconnected from their new curves,” says Dr Norris. “That changes over time.” Then the real honeymoon begins.

Will my breasts stay the same after implant surgery?

Breasts are living, breathing creatures that continue to change. Ageing, weight gain, and pregnancy will all impact the size, shape and direction of your breasts. “At some point, you may choose to have a touch-up,” reports Dr Norris.

Can I change my mind about breast augmentation?

Your breasts keep changing and so do you. It’s not uncommon for a woman to decide to have her implants swapped out for a smaller size or even removed altogether. “Many an ‘early adopter’ feels that a less voluptuous bust is a better, more natural match for the woman they have become later in life,” explains Dr Norris.

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