Doctor’s Orders: Pre-Op & Post-Op Instructions

Doctor’s Orders: Pre-Op & Post-Op Instructions

When women express concern about undergoing breast augmentation surgery at Form and Face, we tell them, “Don’t be scared. Be prepared…to follow orders.” When you strictly adhere to your surgeon’s pre- and post-op instructions, you stack the deck in your favour against everything from minor infections to major health risks.

First Up: Pre-Op

Breast surgery or any surgery put a high degree of stress on the body. It’s in your best interest to ready your body for the challenge. You MUST

  • Stop smoking a minimum of one month prior to surgery – Smoking impedes circulation to the skin. This inhibits healing and can lead to major post-operative complications.
  • Discontinue certain medications two weeks prior to surgery – Blood thinners, over-the-counter painkillers, Vitamin E, and herbal supplements can increase bleeding. Talk to your surgeon about your specific drug regimen.
  • Be in good health seven days prior to surgery – A body that is weakened by even a simple cold or minor infection is not a good candidate for surgery. It may be wise to postpone your breast augmentation until you’re in tiptop shape.
  • Don’t eat or drink 8 hours prior to surgery – Your stomach should be empty at the time of your procedure. You are allowed to drink clear liquids like water and apple juice up to four hours before surgery.

Advance Planning for Breast Surgery Recovery

Tasks that seem easy before surgery may not seem that way after surgery. That’s why you should:

  • Fill your prescriptions in advance – Don’t wait until you’re heading home from your procedure to fill your prescriptions. Have your pills (and a notepad to keep track of dosage) on your nightstand waiting for you.
  • Fill your refrigerator – You may not have a hearty appetite, but it is important that you eat. Also, having food in your stomach can keep you from experiencing discomfort related to your painkillers.
  • Arrange for your patient escort – Healing after breast surgery is unique to each patient. Some people recover well from anaesthesia, while others are nauseous and disoriented. Someone will need to pick you up after your procedure and stay with you for 24 hours to ensure that you’re a okay.
  • Fibre-rich – Constipation is a natural side effect of general anaesthesia. You’ll want to drink lots of water before and after surgery and eat a fibre-rich diet.

Post-Op Instructions

Your surgery is complete and you’re on the mend. Before you jump for joy (which is not a good idea immediately after breast enhancement), there are things you need to do to ensure the long term success of your procedure:

  • Take it easy – You will likely feel low-energy the first few days after surgery. Go with the flow and let your body heal at its own pace.
  • Wear a compression garment or sports bra – This reduces pressure on incisions and helps minimise scarring.
  • Arms down – You must wait seven to fourteen days before lifting your arms over your head or risk pulling on sutures and causing discomfort.
  • Pile on the pillows – An elevated sleeping position keeps weight off your breasts, allowing them to heal.
  • Get used to sleeping on your back– This keeps pressure off your breasts and allows time for the scar capsule to form around an implant.
  • Get up and walk – In order to keep your circulation in good shape, you should be up and out of bed for a little walk around the evening following your surgery.
  • Eat light to begin with – Clear liquids, toast, and biscuits can help sustain your body until your appetite kicks in again, generally within 24 hours. When you’re ready, move on to your normal healthy diet.
  • Keep it clean and dry – The dressings around your incisions must be kept dry, clean, and intact for seven days.
  • Look but don’t touch – Your breasts will be tender to the touch for up to a month after surgery.
  • Avoid chest exercises for four weeks – Working out the pectoral muscles can adversely affect the formation of the capsule around a breast implant.

Everything You Need to Know for Breast Beauty

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