How to Make the Most of Your Mummy Makeover Consult

How to Make the Most of Your Mummy Makeover Consult

Now that Spring is here, many mums are thinking about fun in the sun, but also worrying they’re post-pregnancy bodies aren’t swimsuit-ready. At Form and Face, we’ve seen a real uptick in enquiries about mummy makeovers, along with a bit of confusion. The #1 question we’ve been asked is, “Just what is a mummy makeover exactly?”

Our answer is: “Whatever you want it to be.”

“Mummy makeover” is an umbrella phrase that refers to a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures aimed at helping women address some of the negative changes associated with having children. At Form and Face in Bondi Junction, we tailor our mummy makeovers to fit the specific needs and goals of our patients. This customised approach to total body rejuvenation ensures that each patient becomes exactly the mummy she wants to be.

When Mummy Wants Makeover Surgery

Some women are fortunate and experience modest physical changes related to pregnancy and childbirth. For the vast majority, however, bringing Baby into the world has resulted in:

  • Deflated breasts
  • Droopy, saggy breasts
  • Abdominal stretch marks
  • Bulging of the abdominal wall
  • Stubborn excess fat deposits

These problems don’t respond to diet and exercise. They do, however, respond to surgical procedures. Based on your aesthetic goals, Dr Norris will advise you as to whether you might benefit from:

Labioplasty is also growing in popularity within mummy makeovers. This is a useful contouring and rejuvenation procedure for women whose labia did not retract after giving birth and whose inner lips protrude prominently.

For Mummies Who Prefer a Non-Invasive Makeover

The downtime and recovery required after surgery makes a traditional mummy makeover a tough sell for some women. Fortunately, there are a variety of non-surgical rejuvenation treatments that can be performed in a jiffy with minimal, if any downtime:

  • Laser hair removal – The changes in hormonal balances during pregnancy leave some women with unwanted excess hair. Laser treatments can permanently eliminate the problem.
  • Laser skin treatments – Non-ablative lasers can help minimise the appearance of abdominal stretch marks.
  • Laser spider vein treatments – Spider veins are a common after-effect of pregnancy. Laser therapy can reduce and sometimes eliminate these unsightly visible veins.

Questions to Bring to Your Mummy Makeover Consult

Think of your preliminary consultation with Dr Norris as a fact-finding mission about surgery and your expectations. If you’re consulting with other surgeons, make sure you ask:

About Your Surgeon

  • Where were you trained and what is your experience?
  • At which hospital(s) do you perform plastic surgery?
  • Do you have before and after pictures I can see?
  • Do you have testimonials from previous patients?
  • How many mummy makeovers have you performed?

About Your Surgery

  • Where will my procedure be performed?
  • Are the facilities you use accredited?
  • Do you use board-certified anaesthesiologists?
  • What sort of implants (size, shape, composition) do you recommend?
  • Where do you make incisions?
  • Will there be scars? Where?

About Your Recovery

  • What supplies/compression garments will I need?
  • Are there any supplements you recommend before or after surgery to promote healing?
  • Will I need anti-nausea medication and antibiotics?
  • How long until I can get back to my normal routine?
  • Will you be available to me if I have problems?

Calling All Mummies

A mummy makeover is ideal for returning your post-baby body back to its pre-pregnancy shape. If you’d like to know more about the mum-centric surgical and non-surgical treatments we offer at Form and Face, please call us or use our online contact form. Here’s to you, Mum!

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