Why Men Are Turned on By Your Breasts

The wish to feel more desirable brings many people to Form and Face. The self-esteem that comes from feeling attractive to the opposite sex is one reason many women choose breast enhancement surgery with Dr Benjamin Norris, an expert in natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing body contouring.

It’s not all in the breasts, however. Scientific research has found a number of physical traits that make a woman attractive to men. These turn-on triggers seem to be hardwired into men’s brains.

The Sources of Your Sex Appeal, Scientifically Speaking

A recent Business Insider video on sex appeal suggests, “every time a man checks out a woman, he’s performing a reproductive fitness assessment.” The features that turn men on are associated with good health and fertility. Here’s the “hot list” published by Redbook women’s magazine:

  1. A wide waist to hips ratio (7:10 is considered especially attractive)
  2. A high voice
  3. Healthy hair
  4. A white smile
  5. Darker hair (surprise!)
  6. Height
  7. Arm length
  8. Breasts

He Wants Your Breasts to Make You Feel Good

It’s not breaking news that men think breasts are sexy. What is news is the idea that breasts turn a man on because he knows they stimulate sexual arousal in a woman. Psychology Today looked at this topic and found that, “82% of women (surveyed) said breast/nipple stimulation could cause them to feel sexually aroused.” This explains why when a man imagines touching your breasts and turning you on, he gets turned on, too.

Breast size, as it turns out, is not a key consideration. Nor is bigger always better. While fashion houses dictate whether a large bosom is in or out, men are far more constant. The research study “Population Analysis of the Perfect Breast,” found that “breasts with an upper pole to lower pole ratio of 45:55” are considered most desirable. Scientists also learned that men prefer breasts that are proportionate to a woman’s body size.

Accentuating Your Assets

We do not advocate changing your body to please someone else. However we do encourage you to consider body contouring to please yourself. Breast enhancement and reduction surgeries, breast lifts, and breast implants won’t change your life, but they may change your outlook. Why not have your questions answered at Form and Face in Bondi Junction? You’ll be treated to an unsurpassed level of medical expertise, aesthetic excellence, and patient care from the moment you call us on 02 9387 3800 or use our online enquiry form.

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