Speeding Up Your Healing after a Breast Lift: What Every Woman Needs to Know

Speeding Up Your Healing after a Breast Lift: What Every Woman Needs to Know

If you have sagging breasts and your nipples have started pointing downwards, a breast lift might be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

To achieve perkier, shapelier breasts, excess skin and breast tissue are removed by making an incision around the areola and sometimes along the breast creases too. The nipples will also be shifted to a more appropriate position.
A breast lift doesn’t require a lot of downtime to begin with. Naturally, you want to minimise this downtime as much as possible though. Even once you’re back at work, it can take several months for you to see your final results.

So, is it possible to speed up your healing?

How to Accelerate Your Breast Lift Recovery

Have someone to assist you after surgery

A breast lift is major surgery, which means you will need someone to help you get home and stay with you for a night or two. The first week is when the most discomfort occurs. You will not only be taking pain medication but you won’t be able to do any heavy lifting or drive, so help is necessary during this time. If you want the best results and to speed up your recovery, it’s important to have an environment that will allow you to rest. Having someone help you with your children and general chores will go a long way in reducing your recovery time.

Correctly care for your wounds

An infection is something that can set back your entire recovery. To prevent this, it’s essential to practice meticulous wound care. Once you are home, keep the incision sites clean and dry until the wounds have healed. Infections can result in severe illness and complications that could land you back in hospital. Even though the risk of developing an infection after a breast lift is low, correctly caring for your wounds does make a major difference. Before you do touch your wounds, make sure that your hands are clean too. It also helps to keep an eye on your incision sites on a daily basis. If they become swollen and red, this could be the early signs of an infection.

Stay hydrated and care for your body

When your body gets what it needs during recovery, you can speed up your recovery. Staying hydrated is vital, as is ensuring your body receives the necessary vitamins and nutrients. You may also need to change up your eating slightly for the first few days due to the nausea caused by anaesthesia. Soft foods and additional liquids tend to help with the nausea. Pairing good nutrition with sufficient rest and the rest of your surgeon’s aftercare instructions will ensure the smoothest recovery possible after a breast lift.

Have a good recovery bra

Wearing a recovery bra is mandatory. However, investing in a good post-surgical bra can make an even bigger difference to your recovery. Compression garments aren’t a nice-to-have, they play a substantial role in the healing process as well as your results. They’re also designed to make your recovery more comfortable and to increase circulation and lymph drainage. There are a few different styles and features for you to choose from, including front-facing zippers, Velcro closures and adjustable straps. Choosing a bra that matches your incisions also helps as it reduces excess strain on the incision sites.

Recovering after a breast lift surgery doesn’t have to be a complex process. Your surgeon’s instructions and knowing what to expect is all you need to speed up your recovery and enjoy the results you were hoping for.