6 Protein-Rich Foods to Speed Plastic Surgery Recovery

Eating is one of our favourite topics to discuss with our readers. (Let’s face it. We just love talking about food!) We know that good nutrition is literally the foundation—if not the fountain—of youth. This is especially true of protein when it comes to wound healing after surgery. Are You Getting Enough Protein? You’re amazing…and […]

Why Men Are Turned on By Your Breasts

The wish to feel more desirable brings many people to Form and Face. The self-esteem that comes from feeling attractive to the opposite sex is one reason many women choose breast enhancement surgery with Dr Benjamin Norris, an expert in natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing body contouring. It’s not all in the breasts, however. Scientific research has […]

Will My Breasts Look Natural After Augmentation?

Have you been chewing your nails down to the nub trying to decide if breast augmentation is right for you? Are you worried that after your procedure you’ll look oddly over-endowed and unnatural? It’s a common concern. After all, it’s one thing to add some oomph to your figure, but quite another to end up […]

Just 30 Minutes to a More Youthful Face

In less time than you would spend watching your favourite TV show, the experts at Form and Face can help you erase signs of facial ageing. At our medispa, facial rejuvenation requires: No cutting No stitches No overnight hospital stay No waiting six weeks to see the results. “Lunchtime lifts” are non-invasive treatments that can […]

The 5 Outfits to Consider Before Breast Surgery

Women decide to have body-enhancing surgeries for a wide variety of reasons. One characteristic many of them share, however, is the desire to look better in clothes. (They want to look better out of clothes, too, but that’s a different story…) In this article, we’re focusing on form and fashion: how a woman’s new form […]