How Soon Can I Swim After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Women who undergo breast augmentation surgery with Dr Norris are understandably eager to take their beach-ready bodies to the shore. Hold on a minute! It’s one thing to dive into a nifty new swimsuit after breast implant surgery, but quite another to actually dive into the water. In this article, Dr Benjamin Norris explains the […]

Can I Have Multiple Plastic Surgery Procedures At the Same Time?

Many patients consulting with Dr Norris here at Form and Face are confused as to the wisdom of having multiple cosmetic enhancement procedures performed at once. Is one enough? Are three too many? What about someone like celebrity Heidi Montag who underwent ten separate procedures in a single 24-hour period? While we certainly can’t advocate […]

Plastic Surgery Clinic vs Hospital: Your Best Choice

Once upon a time, every surgery, from an appendectomy to an eyelift, had to be performed in a hospital. Today, truly specular innovations in the enhancement field make it possible for many procedures to be performed on an outpatient basis. Breast enhancement procedures should not be included on that list, a specialty of our founder […]

How Soon Can I Get Back To Work After Breast Augmentation?

Do you have the luxury of asking for a holiday and not telling your employer when you’ll be returning to work? Who does?! That’s why patients visiting Dr Norris for a plastic surgery consult are given a timetable to let them know when they’ll be back in shape. In Good Time: 4 Stages of Plastic […]

How Soon Can I Exercise After Breast Augmentation?

Meet your new breasts. They’re plumper, perkier and prettier thanks to Dr Norris’ surgical and aesthetic expertise. Your dreams are now filled with visions of you un-self-consciously walking along Bondi Beach…you in a low-cut Alex Perry gown on the red carpet…you bouncing along for your weekly jog on the treadmill. Hold on a second! You […]