The 5 Outfits to Consider Before Breast Surgery

Women decide to have body-enhancing surgeries for a wide variety of reasons. One characteristic many of them share, however, is the desire to look better in clothes. (They want to look better out of clothes, too, but that’s a different story…) In this article, we’re focusing on form and fashion: how a woman’s new form […]

Crystal Balling: Predicting Beauty Trends for 2018

The year may only be half over, but that hasn’t stopped people in the know from weighing in with their predictions for beauty trends in 2018. When the team at Form and Face wants to look into the future, we usually turn to our Magic 8 Ball from Big W. For our devoted readers, however, […]

If Your Breasts Could Pick Your Bikini Top

Another fabulous beach season is just a few months away, and women are flocking to Form and Face to see Dr Norris and talk about breast enhancement. He has a lot to share about the benefits of breast lifts, breast implants, and breast reduction surgery. Having a breast procedure is an exciting undertaking. After it’s […]

Revenge Plastic Surgery – Is That a Thing Now?

The saying “Winning is the best revenge” has been turned on its ears by couples who have had a divorce. These days, it appears, “Plastic surgery is the best revenge.” At Form and Face, we’ve been hearing a great deal about men and women who choose aesthetic makeovers to get back at an ex-spouse…and it […]

Shape of Things to Come for 2017: Hourglass

At Form and Face, we like to think of ourselves as fashion-forward. That’s why we’ve been pouring over news that corseted waists are due to make a strong comeback in a fashion landscape that has gone mad for 80’s glam. (Remember Madonna’s impossibly pointy corset?) We’re crazy about corsets. They accent every woman’s assets, including […]