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Breast Reduction Surgery: Is It Possible for Your Breasts to Grow Back?

Living with overly large breasts can cause a lot of physical and emotional strain. Not to mention how it detracts from your overall quality of life. Women with large breasts find it difficult to find clothes and even underwear that fits them comfortably. Large breasts also limit the types of exercise you can engage in. Not to mention the unwanted attention that larger breasts tend to draw. Many women turn to breast reduction surgery for relief by making their breasts …

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Speeding Up Your Healing after a Breast Lift: What Every Woman Needs to Know

If you have sagging breasts and your nipples have started pointing downwards, a breast lift might be just the solution you’ve been looking for. To achieve perkier, shapelier breasts, excess skin and breast tissue are removed by making an incision around the areola and sometimes along the breast creases too. The nipples will also be shifted to a more appropriate position. A breast lift doesn’t require a lot of downtime to begin with. Naturally, you want to minimise this downtime …

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5 Things You Must Know about Maintaining Your Breast Implants

Now that you finally have the shapely, perky breasts you’ve been wanting for ages, it’s up to you to maintain them. You may have put a lot of time and money into planning your surgery but you won’t need to make any major changes in order to prolong your results. Whether you’ve just undergone your augmentation procedure or you’re about to, there are a few things you should know if you want to enjoy your implants for as long as …

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Cosmetic Surgery: Why “Who” & “Where” Trump “How Much”

Did you know that in Australia, general practitioners are legally permitted to market themselves as cosmetic surgeons? Despite the fact that they’ve had no specialty training, they perform invasive cosmetic procedures such as breast implantation. It’s led to a scandal of epic proportions: the skyrocketing number of women plagued by breast implants gone wrong at low-cost, low-quality surgery centres has led to the establishment of the world’s first breast implant check clinic at Sydney’s Macquarie University. Here’s a look at …

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Implant Study Finds Odds of ALCL Cancer VERY Low

Fear can be a good thing or a bad thing. Good fear stops us from doing foolish things. For example, fear of skin cancer keeps people from lying on the beach all day without using sunscreen. That’s excellent! Sometimes, however, fear is unfounded, and it keeps us from pursuing our dreams, such as getting breast implants. We’ve received quite a number of calls this week at Form and Face from women concerned about ALCL cancer and breast implants. BIA-ALCL stands …

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Choosing Breast Implants by Grams, CCs & Cup Size

If you’ve been looking at before-and-after pictures of breast augmentation on the ‘net, you may have experienced the same problem as one of our patients. “I don’t understand what all the letters mean,” she told us. “It makes it hard to understand what I’m looking at.” We showed her how easy it is to decipher the implant code and in today’s article, we’ll do the same for you. Forget About Cup Size Let’s start with something you may be familiar …

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How to Make the Most of Your Mummy Makeover Consult

Now that Spring is here, many mums are thinking about fun in the sun, but also worrying they’re post-pregnancy bodies aren’t swimsuit-ready. At Form and Face, we’ve seen a real uptick in enquiries about mummy makeovers, along with a bit of confusion. The #1 question we’ve been asked is, “Just what is a mummy makeover exactly?” Our answer is: “Whatever you want it to be.” “Mummy makeover” is an umbrella phrase that refers to a wide range of surgical and …

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The Secret to Natural-Looking Breast Implants

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most in-demand cosmetic procedures for women at Form and Face. “Implant surgery should help a woman feel good about her body, in and out of clothes,” says Dr Benjamin Norris. “Skilfully chosen breast implants will make a woman look and feel naturally beautifully, not surgically enhanced.” How do you choose the right implant? Good question. Gone are of the days when implant sizes were limited to small, medium, large, and OMG. Today, there …

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Doctor’s Orders: Pre-Op & Post-Op Instructions

When women express concern about undergoing breast augmentation surgery at Form and Face, we tell them, “Don’t be scared. Be prepared…to follow orders.” When you strictly adhere to your surgeon’s pre- and post-op instructions, you stack the deck in your favour against everything from minor infections to major health risks. First Up: Pre-Op Breast surgery or any surgery put a high degree of stress on the body. It’s in your best interest to ready your body for the challenge. You …

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Ready, Steady, Liposuction: How to Prepare for Your Procedure

At Form and Face, we work hard to ensure that our patients are happy with the results of liposuction. The happiest patients are the ones who work hard with us. They contribute to the success of their surgery by doing their homework to get ready for liposuction. How do you prepare for this popular body-contouring treatment? We’re so glad you asked… 8 Ways to Get Ready for Liposuction At Form and Face, we do our best to make it easy …

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