You’ve Got the Power: Questions Before Breast Enhancement

Form and Face believes in enhancement and empowerment, and we believe that nothing is more empowering than knowledge. Our founder Dr Benjamin Norris asks lots of questions during a consult with patients seeking breast augmentation. You should ask questions, too, and not just about your procedure. Breast Enhancement: 8 Questions for Your Surgeon Are you […]

To Be Yourself, First See Yourself…Clearly

At Form and Face, we are proud of the work we do. Our patients come to us with a problem (or two or three), and we help them achieve their aesthetic enhancement goals. Sometimes, however, a patient’s problem is not really cosmetic. It’s psychological. An under-diagnosed problem called body dysmorphia gives people a distorted, unrealistic […]

Cosmetic Surgery Smackdown: Kayne vs. Kardashian

At Form and Face, we believe that the choice to undergo aesthetic enhancement is a personal decision and something you should do for yourself. However, we do encourage patients to understand the impact their decision may have on friends and family. Take the case of Kim and Kanye. Kim Kardashian thinks that you can never […]

Do You Need to Shower Every Day?

The aestheticians at Form and Face in Bondi Junction counsel most patients to wash their faces every day using products that have been matched to their unique skin conditions. Their bodies, however, are a different story altogether. Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but our skin care experts want to remind you that too much […]

How to Spot Falsies: Cosmetic News Scams

There’s been lots of talk lately about “fake news” in the political arena. Around the Form and Face water cooler, however, fake news in the aesthetic enhancement industry has been a topic of conversation for years. We were reminded of this recently when one of our patients told us about a story of a miracle facial […]