Breast Augmentation Photos

Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty Before and After Photos

Women who desire a different breast shape or size may be candidates for breast implants (augmentation mammoplasty). If you desire larger breasts, take the time to look at our breast augmentation mammoplasty before and after photos to see if Dr Norris’ work appeals to you. A breast augmentation mammoplasty with Dr Norris can help enlarge small breasts, restore lost breast volume, even out asymmetric breasts and reconstruct a breast after a mastectomy.

The outcomes shown are only relevant for this patient and do not necessarily reflect the results other patients may experience, as results may vary due to many factors including the individual’s genetics, diet and exercise.

The breast augmentation mammoplasty procedure

Before undergoing a breast augmentation mammoplasty, you will need to decide on an implant type, texture, size and shape, as well as an implant location. The surgery itself will take around one hour to complete and is performed under general anaesthesia.

Dr Norris will make an incision, either around the nipple, below the breast or in the armpit, in order to insert an implant into a pocket that may be over or under the pectoral muscle. He will then close the incisions with layered sutures in the breast tissue. You will be able to enjoy the results immediately after the procedure.

Potential candidates for breast augmentation mammoplasty

At Form and Face clinic in Sydney, the first step to determining whether you are a candidate for breast augmentation mammoplasty is to have a consultation with Dr Norris. You are a potential candidate if:

  • Your breasts have fully developed
  • You dislike the size and appearance of your breasts
  • You are unhappy that your breasts have lost shape and volume following pregnancy, weight loss or with age
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical
  • One or both breasts have not developed normally
  • You are physically healthy
  • You have realistic expectations

What to expect after a breast augmentation mammoplasty

Dr Norris will apply dressings or bandages to your incisions following your surgery. A small, thin tube may also be placed under the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid in the days following surgery.

You will need to take some time off work to rest following a breast augmentation mammoplasty, however most patients are able to return to all normal activities, with the exception of strenuous exercise, within two weeks.

For more details about breast implant surgery (augmentation mammoplasty), please visit our main breast augmentation mammoplasty page, or contact us and schedule consultations with Dr Norris.

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