Can facial fillers and other procedures actually make you look older?

Dr Norris talks to about his views on facial fillers and other procedures that could make someone look “indeterminate”. Following is an extract from the article published on 02 September 2015. So can facial fillers and procedures make some young women look older than they actually are? Plastic surgeon Dr Benjamin Norris from doesn’t […]

Changing Faces

Dr Ben Norris talks to Who Magazine about the star’s cosmetic transformations, whether they’re admitting to it or not. This article was published in Who Magazine, June 2015.

Global Beauty: The new perspective in appearance enhancement

Globalisation and technological advancements have given rise to an evermore innovative and dynamic aesthetic enhancement industry. At the same time, instantaneous visual communication across social media has given rise to a one-world perspective on beauty. This article highlights what these changes are and how they are changing the way we define beauty and antiageing. This […]

Should women as young as Kylie Jenner be able to have cosmetic surgery?

Dr Norris talks to The Glow about his opinion on whether Kylie Jenner has undergone facial procedures and gives his views on teens seeking plastic surgery. Following is an extract from The Glow article published on 20 May 2015. According to Dr Benjamin Norris from, this speculation isn’t totally unfounded. “I think she’s been surgically altered, […]