Can facial fillers and other procedures actually make you look older?

Dr Norris talks to about his views on facial fillers and other procedures that could make someone look “indeterminate”. Following is an extract from the article published on 02 September 2015.

So can facial fillers and procedures make some young women look older than they actually are? Plastic surgeon Dr Benjamin Norris from doesn’t believe this is necessarily the case, but he says these procedures can make their age “indeterminate”.

“You can see plenty of women… where you’re hard-pushed to say exactly how old they are. For an older woman that’s a good thing because they probably look younger, but for a 20-year-old looking like a 30-year-old, you’d argue that’s not necessarily a good thing because she’s actually aged herself.”

Dr Norris says the similar look among many women who have had facial procedures generally comes down to the quality of the surgeon’s work.

“Well done fillers, Botox and non-surgical treatments of the face are subtle and… a very gentle improvement on what the patient already has,” he explains.

“Poorly done fillers make everyone look the same. There’s that very ‘triangular’ look, where they’ve all got quite massive cheeks, narrowed eyes or almond eyes, and plumped lips.”

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