tuberous breasts at Form & Face clinic in Sydney

Tuberous Breasts (hypoplasia)

  • Rebates from Private Health Insurance and Medicare
  • Hospital fees covered by private health insurance
  • Day surgery only

Tuberous breasts are a result of a congenital abnormality. It can occur in both men and women. You can start to develop this abnormality during puberty and it may worsen with age. This condition has several other names such as snoopy, constricted, and conical shaped breasts.

Signs of this condition are that you have puffy areola’s, a large gap between your breasts, a very high mammary fold (where the underwire of your bra sits), narrow breasts, minimal breast tissue, sagging of the breasts or different sized and shaped breasts. This condition can affect the ability to breastfeed and in most cases women find it too difficult.


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