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Top Heavy: The Downside of a Large Bust

Are your breasts weighing you down? Full voluptuous breasts are a goal for many women we see at Form and Face, but for others, less is definitely more. Patients complain about physical discomfort such as back, neck and shoulder pain, and skin irritation beneath the breast crease. Others say the weight of excess breast tissue restricts their ability to lead an active life. Still others feel very self-conscious about their large, pendulous breasts. On the emotional side, women with voluptuous …

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Tick Tick Tick | Form & Face

Tick, Tick, Tick: Get Ready for Beach Season NOW

When spring arrives in Bondi, a flood of men and women arrive at Form and Face. These forward-thinking individuals know that now is the time to sculpt and refine their bodies in order to be beach-ready when spring turns to summer. Dr Benjamin Norris and the aesthetic team at Form and Face are standing by to help. It’s important to think ahead when it comes to cosmetic surgery. You want to give yourself ample time for: A preliminary consultation Your …

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To Steal the Show This Xmas, Start Facial Rejuvenation Now

Have you ever noticed that time seems to accelerate as we get closer and closer to the holiday season? You know how it is: One minute the spring flowers are just starting to bloom and the next thing you know, you’re posing for your annual Christmas card, wishing you’d had a little cosmetic enhancement to Rejuvenate your features Smooth worry lines Fill in wrinkles Banish eye bags Plump lips This weird time warp catches a lot of patients at Form …

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How to speed up healing | Form & Face

How to Speed Up Healing after Cosmetic Surgery

Are you worried about healing and downtime after cosmetic enhancement? It’s a common concern for individuals that visit us at Form and Face. For many people, a prolonged recovery period is one of the most negative aspects of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic enhancement. Is there anything you can do to speed up the process? The answer is yes. As a highly trained (and highly skilled) medical professional, Dr Benjamin Norris knows that the right diet can significantly shorten your recovery …

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mothers confess about their breasts | Form & Face

Mothers Confess about Their Breasts

“Dr Norris, I have a confession to make: I miss my pre-baby breasts!” We hear this often at Form and Face. Women who are otherwise thrilled with being mums are unhappy with the changes pregnancy and breast feeding have made to their breasts, and they feel a little guilty about it.  After all, the changes in a woman’s body have been part of the wonder of creating a new life. That is certainly true, but for many women, the no-longer …

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