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How Do Your Breasts Shape Up?

When women want to enhance their breasts, they often think in terms of achieving a larger bra size. “There’s more to breast augmentation than placing an implant to take a patient from a C to a D cup,” explains Dr Norris. “It’s important for surgeons to consider a woman’s breast shape in order to help her best achieve her enhancement goals.” According to research conducted by Glamour magazine in conjunction with lingerie manufacturer ThirdLove, there are seven different breast shapes. …

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Why Are These Women Smiling Breast Reduction Surgery | Form & Face

Why Are These Women Smiling? Breast Reduction Surgery!

Women who have spent years feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious because of overly large breasts visit Dr Ben Norris at Form and Face to find out if breast reduction surgery can help. They’re reassured to learn that reduction mammoplasty – the medical term for this surgery – has one of the highest satisfaction rates among patients. How high? In 2012, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported on a study in Denmark that found: 90% of women who had breast reduction …

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USA vs. Australia: Hugh Jackman & Channing Tatum Face Off

Over the years we’ve seen quite an increase in the number of men visiting Form and Face. Just like our female patients, they want to rejuvenate their faces, sculpt their bodies, and revitalise their appearance. There’s another characteristic shared by the male and female patients that consult with Dr Norris regarding cosmetic enhancement. Patients of both genders are often inspired to sculpt their bodies in pursuit of physical ideals presented in the media, particularly the movies. In this article, we …

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Understanding the Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery

We see women of all shapes and sizes at Form and Face. Our goal is to help each one achieve balanced proportions. One way to achieve this goal is with a procedure known as reduction mammoplasty, the surgical term for breast reduction. Women choose to have breast reduction surgery for cosmetic reasons, medical reasons, or a combination of the two. Whatever the reason, the removal of excess breast fat, skin, and glandular tissue can help a woman feel more comfortable …

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tuberous breasts a problem for 1 in 20 women | Form & Face

Tuberous Breasts: A Problem for 1 in 20 Women

“Tuberous Breast Anomaly is more common than patients realise,” Dr Benjamin Norris tells patients at Form and Face. “At least five percent of women who come to see me for breast enhancement have tuberous breasts, and that condition can have significant implications for the way breast augmentation should be addressed.” Tuberous breasts do not present a threat to a woman’s health, but the condition can markedly affect her self-esteem. If you are dissatisfied with the shape, size, and symmetry of …

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