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Payment Plans: Cosmetic Enhancement Dollars & Sense

If you’re considering a cosmetic surgery procedure such as a breast augmentation or tummy tuck, non-surgical treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections or laser treatments, or a combination of skin and body rejuvenating procedures, you’re likely wondering what many of my own patients wonder before they speak with me:  “How am I going to pay for this?” It’s an excellent question, but one that too many patients fail to discuss with their surgeon.  Instead of having that discussion, men and women …

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Mum’s the Word: Post-Pregnancy Makeovers at Form & Face

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Form & Face. We love that May gives us a chance to officially celebrate all the mothers, grand-mums, and other mothering women who give so much of themselves throughout the year. At our practice in Bondi Junction, however, we see lots of women who are excited about being mothers, but less excited about the body changes they’ve experienced due to pregnancy. In this post, I’d like to talk about some wonderful cosmetic …

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4-Step Arm Lift for Bat Wings– Part 2

This is Part 2 of our post on treating bat wings. You can read Part 1 here. Brachioplasty is the medical term for an arm lift, a surgical procedure that addresses extremely loose skin on the lower inner arm near the armpit. Also called a “hidden lift” because scarring can be easily hidden in the crease of the underarm, brachioplasty is less invasive than other lift procedures because there is less fatty tissues to remove. Step 1 – Either intravenous sedation …

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Fat Grafting: A Robin Hood-Like Approach to Beauty

In many ways, fat grafting—also known as fat transfer surgery—is the Robin Hood of cosmetic procedures. The lovable scoundrel of Sherwood Forest took from the rich and gave to the poor. With fat grafting, your surgeon takes your own body fat where it is available in excess and transfers it to another part of the body that is in need of plumping. So before you curse the spare tire around your middle or the junk in your trunk, let me …

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The Right “Fix” for Abdominal Fat

“Dr Norris, will liposuction help me get my figure back, or do I need a tummy tuck?” This excellent question is posed to me frequently, and I’m going to try and answer it today for everyone who is wondering just what the difference is between abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and liposuction. Let me begin by saying that excess skin and fat in the tummy area is a problem for almost everyone. Even the most stringent diet and most rigorous workout schedule …

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