breast reconstruction patient at Form & Face Sydney
  • Non cosmetic procedure
  • Possible rebates from medicare and private health insurance
  • Day surgery only

Breast re-augmentation/removal and replacement is a common procedure in Australia. It is performed to either improve a current augmentation or to correct any implant problems. Breast reconstruction is performed for many reasons, and in some cases it is not a question of whether or not you need it but how soon it can be done. You might either be unsatisfied with the size of your breast implants, you might not like the shape or profile, your implants might be over 15-20 years old, you might have a ruptured implant or capsular hardening or you might have experienced excess weight gain or loss and have breastfed, which has left you with an unpleasing aesthetic result. Any reason is a personal reason and is understood  by Dr Norris as a choice made by yourself, for yourself. Most of the reasons listed above are medical reasons and therefore your implants might be replaced free of charge by your original implant company or even covered by your private health fund. These issues will all be discussed at your first consultation in detail with Dr Norris.

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