How Do Your Breasts Shape Up?

When women want to enhance their breasts, they often think in terms of achieving a larger bra size. “There’s more to breast augmentation than placing an implant to take a patient from a C to a D cup,” explains Dr Norris. “It’s important for surgeons to consider a woman’s breast shape in order to help […]

Top Heavy: The Downside of a Large Bust

Are your breasts weighing you down? Full voluptuous breasts are a goal for many women we see at Form and Face, but for others, less is definitely more. Patients complain about physical discomfort such as back, neck and shoulder pain, and skin irritation beneath the breast crease. Others say the weight of excess breast tissue […]

Mothers Confess about Their Breasts

“Dr Norris, I have a confession to make: I miss my pre-baby breasts!” We hear this often at Form and Face. Women who are otherwise thrilled with being mums are unhappy with the changes pregnancy and breast feeding have made to their breasts, and they feel a little guilty about it.  After all, the changes […]

Tuberous Breasts: A Problem for 1 in 20 Women

“Tuberous Breast Anomaly is more common than patients realise,” Dr Benjamin Norris tells patients at Form and Face. “At least five percent of women who come to see me for breast enhancement have tuberous breasts, and that condition can have significant implications for the way breast augmentation should be addressed.” Tuberous breasts do not present […]

Hush-Hush: Breast Surgery Secrets with Dr Norris

Women visit Form and Face to consult with Dr Norris about a wide range of breast enhancement procedures. Almost all of them have the same question: What is the best breast enhancement surgery? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, around 286,000 breast augmentations, 93,000 breast lifts, and 41,000 breast reductions were performed in […]