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Speeding Up Your Healing after a Breast Lift: What Every Woman Needs to Know

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To address skin laxity on the breasts and a movement in nipple position, a breast lift is a surgical option that can be tailored to your needs. As with all surgical procedures, a breast lift will involve a recovery process that requires sufficient care to help the body heal. By following important recovery instructions, you … Read more

What’s the REAL Cost of Breast Augmentation In Sydney (Updated 2024)

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A cosmetic surgical procedure, such as breast augmentation, requires some budgeting. As a result, it is common for potential patients to contact us and ask about prices for surgery. That’s understandable. In my opinion, however, putting the low cost at the top of your criteria in selecting a surgeon to perform breast augmentation surgery is … Read more

Breast Augmentation in Sydney: Who’s the Best Plastic Surgeon?

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Breast augmentation is one of the most performed surgeries in Australia. It corrects breast sagging due to pregnancy, weight changes, and aging. This surgery is also performed to increase your breast size. To enhance your breast appearance, it makes use of implants inserted in a pocket in your breasts. If you’re considering this procedure, you’ll … Read more

Ask Me Anything: Breast Augmentation FAQs with Dr Norris

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The most frequently asked question at our practice is “Should I get breast augmentation?” More often than not, Dr Norris is able to offer women a two-thumbs-up, thanks to innovations in techniques and ground-breaking advancements in surgical procedures. What triggers a ‘No’? “Implants should be placed to help a woman achieve her own ideal self-image, … Read more

Search Engine: How to Find Sydney’s Best Plastic Surgeons

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We have what I can only call an embarrassment of riches when it comes to top plastic surgeons in Sydney. There are dozens of plastic surgery practices in the area, and many of my colleagues to choose among. This embarrassment of riches can, unfortunately, lead to confusion when it comes to identifying the best surgeon … Read more