Eyes Wide Shut: The Dangers of Low-Cost Breast Augmentation

Dr Ben Norris, who is dedicated to the principle of healthy beauty, founded Form and Face. Unfortunately that’s not true of many of the men and women who perform breast implant surgery without having received specialist training. Cosmetic Surgery is a billion dollar industry in Australia, and breast augmentation procedures are heavily in demand. As […]

Body Worship – Tips for Self-Love after Breast Enhancement

When some women visit Form and Face, they burst into tears during their consultation. They’re emotional about the fact that they have a negative body image and a bad relationship with their own breasts. Some have been ridiculed for their small cup size, while others judge themselves harshly for breasts that have deflated after childbirth […]

Ask Dr Norris: Do I Need a Breast Lift, Implants, or Both?

A woman’s bust can be a source of pride, consternation, and sometimes deeply wounding shame. At Form and Face, Dr Norris helps patients explore a wide range of options that can re-contour a woman’s body and make her feel confident, competitive, and attractive. Our two most-requested procedures are breast implant surgery and breast lift surgery. […]

Understanding the Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery

We see women of all shapes and sizes at Form and Face. Our goal is to help each one achieve balanced proportions. One way to achieve this goal is with a procedure known as reduction mammoplasty, the surgical term for breast reduction. Women choose to have breast reduction surgery for cosmetic reasons, medical reasons, or […]

Breast Augmentation & Shopping for the New You with Dr Norris

“Dr Norris, my breast-lift and implant surgery has been a dream come true,” is a phrase I never get tired of hearing from patients at Form and Face. I’m just as delighted as my patients when this popular body contouring procedure gives them the shapely curves that they’ve always imagined. Some patients have dramatic makeovers, […]