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give yourself a lift for christmas holiday eye surgery at form and face | Form & Face

Give Yourself a Lift for Christmas: Holiday Eyelid Surgery at Form and Face

“At Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year.” Thomas Tusser, poet The holiday season provides many of us with a once-a-year opportunity to see loved ones and capture special one-of-a-kind moments in family portraits and informal selfies. It’s a time when we all want to look terrific, and many of us need a little professional help to do so. The entire team at Form and Face, including our skilled surgeon Dr Norris, is dedicated …

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why angelina jolie doesn’ look like a tomb raider at 40 | Form & Face

Why Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Look Like a Tomb Raider at 40

Actress Angelina Jolie has done a lot of living during her 40 years on this planet, yet she continues to be one of Hollywood’s most radiant beauties. At Form and Face, we marvel at how gorgeous she has remained since her early modelling days. In this article, we look at some of the aesthetic enhancement procedures Jolie has talked about, and some that are up for speculation. What Is the Best Age to Have Cosmetic Surgery? This is a common …

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do you have a mole that needs to go | Form & Face

Do You Have a Mole that Needs to Go?

The more you know about skin moles, the better off you’ll be, from both a health and a cosmetic perspective. I’ve written this post to help you understand just what a skin mole is and the best course of action to take if you decide that a skin mole on your body needs to go. Skin Mole: Blemish or Beauty Mark? Skin moles are growths that generally result from a high concentration of natural skin pigment.At different periods in history, …

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