Cosmetic Surgery: Why “Who” & “Where” Trump “How Much”

Cosmetic Surgery: Why “Who” & “Where” Trump “How Much”

Did you know that in Australia, general practitioners are legally permitted to market themselves as cosmetic surgeons? Despite the fact that they’ve had no specialty training, they perform invasive cosmetic procedures such as breast implantation. It’s led to a scandal of epic proportions: the skyrocketing number of women plagued by breast implants gone wrong at low-cost, low-quality surgery centres has led to the establishment of the world’s first breast implant check clinic at Sydney’s Macquarie University.

Here’s a look at the problem…

Surprises are Best Left to Birthday Parties

If you find an unbelievably low price for breast augmentation surgery, don’t you believe it! Unscrupulous practitioners only quote the price for the surgeon’s fee. This creates a consumer-appealing, but ultimately unrealistic view of the total costs involved.

When you get your bill, your low-low price can go sky-high. You’ll likely to be asked to pay additional fees for

  • Anaesthetist
  • Surgical assistant
  • Anything beyond a “standard” breast implant, i.e., correcting skin laxity, etc.
  • Follow-up visits
  • Medication

Breast Augmentation in a Factory Setting

In its report, ABC referred to The Cosmetic Institute as a “boob factory.” It’s an excellent assessment. Much like in a real factory, women were figuratively loaded onto a conveyor belt for their implant surgery. Women were given few options with regard to implant size and shape, and little recourse if they were dissatisfied with the results.

“There is a minimal amount of pre-surgical consultation and practically every woman is given the go-ahead,” reports Dr Norris. The emphasis is on profits, not on patient safety.

Don’t Be a Boob

Some clinics offer breast augmentation aided by “twilight” or “conscious” sedation. Dr Hugh Bartholomeusz of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons said these sedation protocols are perfectly safe… if given with appropriate supervision and staffing. “Currently, doctors may use sedation in their own private offices without regulation, unlike those operating in hospitals or day surgery centres,” reports Dr Norris. “It’s just too risky.”

Make no mistake about it: you’re going to get very different levels of service depending on your surgeon and where s/he has hospital privileges. “When something goes wrong at a low-cost clinic, there’s no one to turn to,” explains Dr Norris. “At a hospital, there are experts and equipment to deal with any eventuality, including deadly complications that can occur with anaesthesia.”

Trust Dr Norris with Your Breasts

When it comes to breast augmentation, “cheap” and “good” do not go hand in hand. Rather than using price as your guide, focus on the value you’ll receive from a skilled surgeon that can deliver positive results. If you’d like to know more about breast enhancement and why Dr Norris has so many satisfied patients, we hope you’ll contact us for a consultation.

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