Shape of Things to Come for 2017: Hourglass

At Form and Face, we like to think of ourselves as fashion-forward. That’s why we’ve been pouring over news that corseted waists are due to make a strong comeback in a fashion landscape that has gone mad for 80’s glam. (Remember Madonna’s impossibly pointy corset?)

We’re crazy about corsets. They accent every woman’s assets, including her beautiful bosom.

Making Your Breasts Corset-Ready

A well-fitted corset can raise your breasts and create very sexy cleavage. They can also, believe it or not, make you feel more comfortable. For example, an over-bust corset works better for large-breasted women by

  • Supporting the breasts from the waist up
  • Distributing the weight of the breasts
  • Easing the pain of bra straps

For small-breasted women, a flat front style corset can add the illusion of multiple cup sizes.

“The one thing that corsets and waist cinchers can’t do is contour the shape of your body,” says Dr Norris. “As soon as you take off the garment, your body will return to its normal position.” Women who want to be able to show their cleavage in bathing suits and other garments can choose from proven aesthetic enhancement procedures including:

Bind It Like Beckham

In 2016, fashion designer Victoria Beckham and others covered the runways in modern deconstructed corsets. They were immediately embraced by A-listers such as Rihanna, who turned the trend on its ear with waist cinchers that looked more like sneakers than vintage undergarments.

A corset represents different things to different women: rebellious values are expressed in leather corsets worn by punks, while traditional values can be seen in lacy bridal corsets. Ultimately, clothing historian Sarah Chrisman told the Daily Gazette “the symbolism of a corset is as unique as the woman wearing it. Other fashions androgenize us: the corset accentuates all that is inherently beautiful about our sex.”

The Classic Hourglass Is Rare

Despite the enthusiasm for an hourglass figure, a survey on British women published by the Daily Mail revealed this breakdown of women’s body shapes:

  • Rectangle – 63%
  • Hourglass – 13%
  • Bottom Hourglass (Pear) – 8%
  • Top Hourglass (Spoon) – 7%
  • Inverted Triangle – 6%
  • Triangle – 3%

Happily, corsets and waist cinchers were created to give the illusion of a smaller waist that emphasises the breasts and hips. Best of all, there’s a perfect corset for women of all shapes and sizes, including you!

Get Your Breasts Corset-Ready

If you’re eager to be on-trend with today’s fashions or have simply been wondering about the different ways you can enhance your curves, the team at Form and Face wants to talk to you. Please reach out to us on 02 9387 3800 or use our online enquiry form.

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