From a Patients Perspective…

From a Patients Perspective…

You naturally want to be in the best possible hands when having cosmetic surgery. Selecting the right surgeon is not just about qualifications and experience, although they are obviously critically important. The surgeon’s communication style is important, too. It can significantly impact how confident you feel in the days and hours before your procedure.

Dr. Norris understands that how you feel is as important as his credentials. When selecting a surgeon, you must check qualifications and experience. But consider these criteria as well: Do you feel calm and relaxed in their office? Do you feel confident in your decision to undergo surgery because they’ve explained all the details of the technique they will use and listened to your concerns thoughtfully? Dr. Norris knows that everyone has concerns and questions. He treats every patient as an individual and strives to make them feel at home from the moment they step into his office.

Bedside manner matters

Dr. Norris is a down-to-earth person who believes in speaking openly and honestly. He is committed to the success of every procedure he performs. Because his patients’ happiness is important to him, he will tell patients if they are not suitable candidates for a particular procedure and suggest alternatives that might be a better match.

His bedside manner has been described as calm and thorough. Dr. Norris prides himself on being a good communicator. He tries to tune into each patient’s needs and is skilled at listening for underlying issues they may not have brought up. He encourages patients to voice their concerns about the procedure or the results.

Dr. Norris provides a calm, gentle voice during what, for many patients, can be a stressful and emotional experience. He will remain positive and focused while guiding you through the decision-making process, regardless of the type of cosmetic procedure you wish to undergo. You will get the sense that he truly cares about how comfortable you feel going into the procedure.

No question should be left unanswered

You will leave the initial consultation with a thorough understanding of the details, benefits, risks and costs of your cosmetic surgery. Your full understanding of the cosmetic procedure you wish to undergo is critical to a successful outcome. Dr. Norris is here to ensure you know enough to make informed decisions regarding cosmetic surgery. He takes the time to provide thorough answers to each of your questions, making sure you are comfortable with the answers before scheduling your procedure.

Here in Dr. Norris’ office, every staff member is focused on you. You should expect—and get—respect and courtesy from all of the staff members, and especially from your surgeon.

It’s all about you

The consultation visit is your chance to ask questions about Dr. Norris’ qualifications, as well as to assess his demeanour. Because the surgeon’s work will affect your appearance for many years, it is important to find a skilled surgeon with whom you feel at ease. Call us today to set up a consultation appointment so you can experience Dr. Norris’ bedside manner for yourself.