The Perfect Pout: Who Has It & How You Get It

If you’ve been considering lip augmentation at Form and Face, this article is for you! A new study used the power of computer modelling to assess which lips are the most attractive. The answer may surprise you.

The key to the most beautiful lips isn’t size, its balance. Men found lips in harmony with one another as well as with other facial features to be the most appealing. This key aesthetic aspect of lip augmentation is one reason people visit Form and Face.

What Is a Pout?

By definition a pout is “a lower lip that is thrust out”. Parents often admonish their children, “Don’t pout” when they stick out their lower lip. We associate a pout with being obstinate. On adults, however, a pout is far more appealing. For women, a pretty pout is their not-so-secret man magnet.

“If you want to catch a man’s attention,” reports the Daily Mail, “don’t bother fluttering your eyelashes or flicking your hair. Just practise your pout.”

Scientists found that “a balanced upper and lower lip size” with a slightly protruding lower lip gets top marks. Interestingly, younger study participants feel “natural attractive lips” are bigger than older participants who prefer smiles lips. This is likely an influence of the Kim Kardashian phenomenon.

Pout Perfection

The research was Internet-based. Participants were shown digital photographs of a female model’s lips. The lips were digitally manipulated incrementally with regard to

  • Upper Lip
  • Lower Lip
  • Upper/Lower Lip Ratio
  • Shape of Cupid’s Bow

These are all areas that our nurse injectors address during treatment. They are highly skilled in determining the optimal placement of injections and the size of the injections. The results can range from subtly improved to dramatically amplified.

The Winner for Best Pout Is…

According to study author Dr Sang Kim, his findings indicate that Emma Watson has the best lips in Hollywood. He credits her perfect pout to these factors:

  • A surface area equal to 9.6% of the lower third of the face
  • 1:16 ratio of the outer thirds of the bottom and top lips
  • The lower lip is thicker in the middle by a factor of 1.2
  • Acute angles at the corners of the lip
  • Appropriate ratio of lower to upper lip height
  • Defined cupid’s bow

A reminder: what’s right for Emma Watson may not be right for you! Our nurse injectors encourage patients to celebrate their own personal best and not try to emulate someone else.

Pout, Smile, Kiss

Our medispa in Bondi Junction offers a wide range of non-invasive beautifying treatments. Many of them are performed in under an hour with no recovery necessary. We think you deserve an unsurpassed level of medical expertise, aesthetic excellence, and patient care. That’s exactly what you’ll receive from the moment you call us on 02 9387 3800 or use our online enquiry form.

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