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This simple and quick treatment does not require a trip to the operating theatre. Dermal fillers can be used to treat many different issues and areas of the face. Dermal filler is made up of a product called Hyaluronic Acid, which is found in the natural make up of the human body. Therefore the product is eventually re-absorbed back into the body after a period of time. There are many different types of filler and each one is used on a different part of the face to achieve a different outcome.

Dermal Fillers Before and After – Real patients, real results

Dermal fillers before and after 02, Form & Face

Full face rejuvenation with fillers (cheeks, under eyes, crows feet, jowls and lips)

Dermal fillers before and and after 03, Form & Face, angle view

Full face rejuvenation with fillers & muscle relaxants (cheeks, N-L folds,crow’s feet, forehead, frown, jowls)

Lip fillers before and after 04, Form & Face Sydney, angle view

Immediately after filler to upper and lower lips

Dermal fillers before & after 05, naso-labial folds, front view

Naso-labial folds (lines from nose to corners of mouth) and jowls

Area of Concern

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Brow Reshaping and Lifting

A heavier looking forehead or very low brows may appear as tired or an aging face. A “chemical” brow lift may be achieved by using a muscle relaxant to elevate the essential frown area of the forehead ( glabella -between the eyebrows) and /or to the tail end of the eyebrows. It creates a lifted more open look to the yes and eyebrows. Adding a muscle relaxant to the lateral brow creates a luft and flare.

In addition to using a muscle relaxant to elevate the brow a dermal filler placed just at the lateral portion of the brow, directly under the hairline

Forehead and Temple Hollowing

Contour changes of the forehead and temples start to show with weight loss and ageing.  Dermal fillers may be used to re- contour and smooth out these depressions, creating more rounded and youthful profiles.

Forehead and Temple Hollowing

Contour changes of the forehead and temples start to show with weight loss and ageing. Dermal fillers may be used to re-contour and smooth out these depressions, creating more rounded and youthful profiles.

Tear Troughs/Under Eye Hollows

This delicate area under the eyes may begin to show shadows or even semi circular hollows early on depending on your sleeping position or genetics. With the skilful use of dermal filler placed under the eye muscle, it will lift the depressions offering a smoother, more youthful contour, potentially delaying the need for surgery.

Nasal Straightening

Whether or not someone has had a previous nose job (rhinoplasty), there are a few tricks that can be utilised by injecting just the right amount of a dermal filler to refine nooks, crannies and humps.

Cheek Enhancement

You may desire fuller, rounder or more angled cheekbones or to put the “apple” back in the mid-cheek area but are not ready for a surgical implant. With two different compositions of deep dermal volumisers (a calcium or gel based product, such as hyaluronic acid commonly found naturally in the body. This  may enhance or create the desirably youthful “S” curve of the cheeks. Often improving or lifting the  sagging cheeks will decrease the jowls and lines between the nose and the mouth that show signs of aging.

Deep Smile Folds/Naso-Labial Folds

Heavy folds that occur from the nose to the mouth are treated in 2 different ways: often, cheek enhancement will “lift” some of the heaviness of the cheeks from descending to the mid-face or jowl area or dermal filler may be placed directly under minimal naso-labial folds.

Nasal-Labial Lines

Softer dermal filler will be placed “within” the dermis of theses creases to minimise the tired appearance that these vertical lines present.

Vertical Cheek Lines

These vertical cheek (accordion) lines start appearing only when smiling, and then progress to lines that are apparent when at rest.  Using a dermal filler to support the underlying tissue weakness and/or filling the deeper individual lines can create a smoother looking contour.


Non-surgical Earlobe Rejuvenation

A small amount of dermal filler will be placed in the thin or droopy earlobe allowing it to “plump up” and regain a youthful appearance.

Upper and Lower Lip Lines

A softer dermal filler that blends well into the etched lines often caused by smoking, repetitive pouting or an overly animated mouth is used to “resurface” these irregularities.  Tis type of injecting helps to reduce the depth of the lines around the mouth that creates an aged appearance.  A small amount of muscle relaxant can also be applied to the lip edge to minimise this hyperactivity that makes the lines deeper.

Lip Enhancement: Definition and Fullness

As we age our lips turn inward and become thinner with less noticeable volume. A natural looking , youthful mouth is desired by most people.  The correct proportion of a natural looking mouth should maintain a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio of top to bottom lip.

A selection will be made from a range of dermal fillers to create the desired outcome that best suits the needs of each individual.  Defining the lip edge, plumping up the lip or even using both te4chniques may be needed to provide the desired outcome.

Wrinkles within the Lip

Softer dermal filler that does not “pump up the lip” but, instead, adds moisturising ingredients to smoothe out those fine wrinkles is injected into the body of the lip.

Lifting Depressed Corners of the Mouth

An injection of a muscle relaxant to the lower aspect of the marionettes helps to relax the depressor muscle, allowing the corners of the mouth to turn upwards.  Used together, fillers and muscle relaxants can assist in prolonging the longevity of both.

Pre-Jowls, Marionette Folds or Oral Commissures

The chin area can potentially age in a few different ways and, thankfully, dermal fillers can alleviate many of them.  The pre-jowls, marionettes, or oral commissures may be “lifted” by the injection of deeper dermal fillers to smooth out the “high road closer to the low road” or creating a bridge to lessen the discrepancy. Used in comination with a muscle relaxant to “lift” the depressor muscle, the outcome can, non-surgically, take years off the lower face.

Chin Lines and Wrinkles

Softer filler will be used to lift the etched lines of the chin.  This desired outcome is almost always enhanced by the use of a muscle relaxant.

Straightening of the Jawline

Longer lasting dermal fillers are injected along the jawline to fortify definition.  Filler may be placed at the most posterior jaw to create a more square or defined look to a weaker jawline.  By placing these fillers in front of, as well as, behing the jowls, this helps to straighten, strengthen, and define the jawline.  Muscle relaxant injections can also be used alone or in combination to tuck the jawline in and relax some of the upper neck muscles, this procedure is known as the Nephertiti Lift.

Hand Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation of the hand may also be accomplished through the process of injecting calcium-based filler to the tops of both hands, resulting in a smoother looking texture with less visible vessels and tendons, and taking years off the older looking hands, especially when used in conjunction with IPL treatments.

Acne scarring can be masked by fillers being injected into the scars. This procedure is not permanent but has a successful outcome giving a smoother appearance to the skin texture.

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