How to Have Holiday Face Year-Round

How to Have Holiday Face Year-Round

Where did you go for your last holiday? Many of the patients we saw this year at Form and Face used their precious vacation time for aesthetic rejuvenation of the face. By the time they were ready to go back to work, their faces had the naturally refreshed appearance that comes from being on holiday.

What’s exciting in today’s world of cosmetic enhancement is that cosmetic injectables and skin treatments can help you keep your holiday face in place long after your holiday is over. These skin-loving treatments are less expensive than facial surgery, which means there’s less impact on your bottom line.

What’s more, since they’re minimally invasive, you don’t have to wait for your holiday to have them done. If you have a lunch hour, you can have a radiant holiday face 365 days a year.

Reality Shows Skew View of Cosmetic Enhancement

Producers of reality television have attracted huge audiences with cosmetic enhancement series such as “Dr 90210” and the grand-daddy of them all “Extreme Makeover.” While viewers seem to enjoy watching revolutionary head-to-toe transformations on television, in the reality series of their own lives, they are interested in less invasive treatments.

This is especially true for younger patients. As the old ideas against cosmetic enhancement have been replaced by a new appreciation of facial aesthetics, people once considered too young for cosmetic surgery are now eager to preserve and maintain their youthful appearance with cosmetic injectables and fillers.

Lunchtime Facial Rejuvenation

Collectively, treatments such as muscle relaxant injections and dermal fillers are known as lunchtime treatments. The name comes from the fact that they are usually performed in an hour or less.

Lunchtime cosmetic treatments can deliver very natural-looking enhancement to your appearance and, because they are minimally invasive, very little (if any) down time is experienced. In fact many of our Form and Face patients return directly to work after spending their lunch hour with us.

2 Ways to Inject Youth into Your Facial Appearance

Form and Face recently welcomed two seasoned injectors to our practice. Marilyn and Genelle are experienced professionals with skilled hands and a chair-side manner that puts even the most nervous patient at ease. They join our veteran nurse injector Sue in providing services such as:

  • Anti-Wrinkle Injections – Anti-wrinkle injections are perhaps the best known of all the minimally invasive techniques for rejuvenating the face. The injections induce a relaxation of the muscles that contribute to frown lines between the eyebrows, worry lines across the forehead, and crows’ feet around the eyes.
  • Injectable Dermal FillersDermal fillers involve the injection of a substance that is found naturally in the human body. They are especially useful in softening marionette lines at either side the mouth and hollow under-eye circles.

There are many different types of filler, and each one is used on a different part of the face to achieve a different outcome. At Form and Face, we ask patients for their medical history and a snapshot of their lifestyle so that we can recommend a dermal filler treatment that will deliver optimal results.

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