Revenge Plastic Surgery – Is That a Thing Now?

The saying “Winning is the best revenge” has been turned on its ears by couples who have had a divorce. These days, it appears, “Plastic surgery is the best revenge.” At Form and Face, we’ve been hearing a great deal about men and women who choose aesthetic makeovers to get back at an ex-spouse…and it […]

Shape of Things to Come for 2017: Hourglass

At Form and Face, we like to think of ourselves as fashion-forward. That’s why we’ve been pouring over news that corseted waists are due to make a strong comeback in a fashion landscape that has gone mad for 80’s glam. (Remember Madonna’s impossibly pointy corset?) We’re crazy about corsets. They accent every woman’s assets, including […]

Round One: Can Implants Take a Hit?

“During an augmentation surgery consultation, it’s extremely common for patients at Form and Face to ask about the durability of their breast implants,” reports Dr Benjamin Norris. “I’m happy to give them the reassuring facts.” Too bad Dr Norris wasn’t on hand when an Ultimate Fighting Champion was denied the right to compete because of […]

Plastic Surgery to Heal Brad Pitt’s Broken Heart?

The patients and staff at Form and Face share a guilty pleasure: tabloid magazines and celebrity cosmetic surgery photos. It’s fun, as long as you remember that stories about celebrity face lifts, tummy tucks, and breast augmentation may be just that: stories. Don’t let your eyes deceive you. Simply because you’re convinced that a celebrity […]

Breast Augmentation: No Longer a Trend?

Don’t be confused. When we say that breast augmentation is no longer a trend, we don’t mean it’s losing popularity! According to CNN, procedures that enlarge and/or change the shape of the breasts were the most popular cosmetic procedure in 2016. Trends come and go, but breast augmentation is clearly here to stay. At Form […]