Weight-Loss Diets: Good for Skin, Too!

You may not have realised this, but the foods you have in your fridge are just as important for keeping your skin soft, smooth, and supple as the creams in your bathroom. In this article, Dr Norris and the team at Form and Face debunk fad diets and hook you up with diets that can […]

Lipo vs CoolSculpting: It’s Your Choice, But…

The receptionist at our practice has been fielding a lot of calls asking whether Dr Norris does CoolSculpting. We’re not surprised by the enquiries. CoolSculpting is all over the news with proponents saying it can minimise muffin tops, combat fat that won’t respond to diet and exercise, and help people lose those their love-handles without […]

Cosmetic Surgery: New Frontier in Gender Equality

At Form and Face, we’ve seen many changes in the world of aesthetic enhancement through the years. Those changes have been in the techniques and treatments we offer, but also in the patients we treat. Cosmetic surgery has developed a devoted following among men who are flocking to many procedures once considered just for women. […]

How Millennials Can Age-Proof Their Faces

The anti-ageing team at Form and Face provides our patients with a wide-range of curative and restorative treatments. Each is custom-selected based on an individual’s facial structure, skin condition, and aesthetic goals. Anti-wrinkle injections have long been a popular solution for baby boomers eager to erase the fine lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive movements […]

Why 20-Year-Olds Want Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Over the past year, Form and Face has welcomed all kinds of new patients to our practice in Bondi Junction, many of them in their twenties. They’re part of a growing trend among millennials to undergo treatments with neuromodulators to keep wrinkles from setting in. The trend was summed by 27-year old Rebecca Toles in […]