Doctor’s Orders: Pre-Op & Post-Op Instructions

When women express concern about undergoing breast augmentation surgery at Form and Face, we tell them, “Don’t be scared. Be prepared…to follow orders.” When you strictly adhere to your surgeon’s pre- and post-op instructions, you stack the deck in your favour against everything from minor infections to major health risks. First Up: Pre-Op Breast surgery […]

Ready, Steady, Liposuction: How to Prepare for Your Procedure

At Form and Face, we work hard to ensure that our patients are happy with the results of liposuction. The happiest patients are the ones who work hard with us. They contribute to the success of their surgery by doing their homework to get ready for liposuction. How do you prepare for this popular body-contouring […]

Surgical Compression Bras: Necessary & Beautiful

When women at Form and Face talk to Dr Norris about breast enhancement surgery, be it breast augmentation or breast reduction, many of them say they’re looking forward to purchasing better-fitting clothes, especially lingerie. That’s a wonderful goal, but before outfitting yourself in the latest from Victoria’s Secret, it’s important to choose a bra that’s […]

Assume the Position: Safe Sleeping after Breast Augmentation

“If you want to recover more quickly after breast augmentation surgery, be sure you’re getting enough sleep,” Dr Norris tells patients at Form and Face. “You just need to be careful about the position you choose.” 6 Ways Sleep Helps You Heal after Implants When your head hits the pillow at bedtime, your body’s “night […]

How to Reduce Breast Implant Swelling & Minimise Bruising

“What can I expect after breast augmentation surgery Dr Norris?” It’s an FAQ Form and Face, and one we’re happy to answer for our patients…and for you. Do You Have to Suffer for Beauty? Breast implant surgery is an invasive procedure. Despite tremendous advancements in techniques and tools, most women who have this surgery will […]