BBL for Facial Redness Photos

BBL for Facial Redness Before and After Photos

If you’re looking for a long-term solution to facial redness caused by enlarged blood vessels, check out our BBL treatment for facial redness before and after photos to know more about the benefits of the procedure. Broadband Light (BBL) is a non-surgical treatment that uses light energy to reduce the appearance of redness in your face.

How BBL treatment treats facial redness

The BBL device makes use of light energy to target facial redness. This light energy gently heats the blood vessels in your face until they are broken into smaller fragments. Once destroyed, the fragments are naturally absorbed by your body. This process also stimulates your body to produce new skin cells in the treated area. The reduction in blood supply to the blood vessels and the production of new healthy skin cells cause your face to become smoother, radiant, and younger-looking.

Ideal candidates for BBL treatment

Our Form & Face clinic in Sydney recommends BBL for the treatment of patients with the following conditions:

  • Broken vessels in the face
  • Chronic flushing
  • Diffuse facial redness
  • Red blushing of the face

How treatment is performed

During the procedure, the target area will be cleansed and you will need to wear eye protection. The BBL device will be passed several times to the areas of facial redness and you may feel a mild stinging sensation during the process. Once finished, we will apply cool compresses and sunblock on your face to reduce discomforts. Depending on the degree of your facial redness and your desired treatment goals, the procedure can last between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

The recovery period

Immediately after the procedure, you may experience facial soreness and redness that can last for a few hours. Any discomforts associated with a BBL treatment can be best managed by taking mild painkillers and anti-inflammatories. When recovering at home, it is recommended to avoid spicy foods, red wine, or strenuous exercises for 3 days as it can cause more redness of your face.

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