Eat These Raw Foods Now & Make Your Body Beautiful Forever

Eat These Raw Foods Now & Make Your Body Beautiful Forever

One of the most popular blog entries we’ve posted here at Form and Face centres around 7 Raw Foods Your Face Wants You to Eat Now. Many of the people visiting our practice have commented on how just a few simple changes in their diet have led to a huge improvement in facial skin tone and texture.

Raw food is great for your face and also your form. Raw foods deliverprofound health and appearance benefits that I want to share with you.

6 Reasons Your Body Wants You to Eat Raw Fruits & Veggies

Here’s a simple change anyone can make: swap out just one cooked food option for a raw counterpart at each meal. If you do, you are likely to enjoy

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved mental acuity
  • Better complexion
  • Digestive regularity
  • Natural body detoxification
  • Improved absorption of nutrients thanks to increased number of available enzymes

6 of the Best Raw Foods to Add To Your Diet Right Now

The beneficial compounds in the raw foods below keep your body looking and functioning at optimal levels inside and out.

  1. Bee Pollen – an unparalleled superfood with more than 96 different nourishing nutrients. You could actually live on nothing but bee pollen (about 40% protein) and water.
  1. Chia Seeds – packed with antioxidants and omega 3’s. The nutrients are bio-available, meaning that the body easily absorbs them.
  1. Coconut – a naturally hydrating food that is high in electrolytes, just like a sports drink but without the processed sugar.
  1. Cultured/Fermented Veggies – a super source for a wide range of enzymes and probiotics that help build immunity, improve digestion and nutrient absorption and enliven your overall health.
  1. Seaweeds – are packed with an estimated 10-20 times the average nutrients found in land plants. They are also a good source of calcium and iodine.
  1. Sprouts – are high in phytonutrients. Calorie for calorie, they provide more minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and protein, than any other food.

Dr Norris Says, Create Your Own Raw Food Beauty Diet

As more and more people join the raw food movement, there has been more and more variation in defining exactly what it means to “go raw.”

  • Raw Vegetarians eat no animal products except eggs and dairy. Most of their foods are eaten raw.
  • Raw Vegans do not eat animal products of any kind:no dairy, no eggs, and no fish.
  • Raw Omnivores eat plant-based foods and food derived from animals, and the majority of their diet is consumed raw.
  • Raw Carnivores only eat meat products when they are raw (think steak tartare).

In my opinion, how far you go into raw foods is up to each individual. My approach to raw foods is moderate, not extreme. I think of myself as a “raw foodist,” a term I read recently on a website devoted to advances in science and medicine

“The thrust of the raw food diet is the consumption of unprocessed, whole plant-based, ideally organic foods. A minimum of three-quarters of the person’s diet should consist of uncooked food. A Raw Foodist- somebody who follows the raw food diet – believes that the higher the proportion of raw foods in our diet, the healthier we will be.” Medical News Today

Whether you go full-tilt raw or simply increase your daily consumption of delights from Mother Nature’s cornucopia of nutrition, I guarantee that your body will thank you for showing it you care in such a delicious way.

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