Crystal Balling: Predicting Beauty Trends for 2018

The year may only be half over, but that hasn’t stopped people in the know from weighing in with their predictions for beauty trends in 2018. When the team at Form and Face wants to look into the future, we usually turn to our Magic 8 Ball from Big W. For our devoted readers, however, we try to see the future through the eyes of influencers, trendsetters, and other professionals in the cosmetic surgery industry.

Here’s a look at what’s hot, plus an important warning about procedures you should take off your to-do list.

2018 Will See Smaller Breasts & Pokies, Too

Bra-busting breasts were in-demand for more than two decades, with implants creating impossibly large busts. Natural is the trend in breast augmentation for 2018. In order to achieve a balanced, natural looking silhouette, plastic surgeons are factoring in a patient’s

  • Goals
  • Body size
  • Body type
  • Physical activities

As for nipples, they’re getting smaller, too. “We have seen a 30% rise in women requesting a smaller nipple size in the last year,” Plastic surgeons told Hello Magazine, “This is tied into the trend towards smaller breast augmentation sizes.”

Kardashian Butt Fuels 2018 Cosmetic Surgery Trend

It’s almost impossible to talk about cosmetic surgery trends without checking in on the world’s favourite family, the Kardashians. The Internet blew up with the news that Kim had her butt augmentation surgery reversed; signalling that the days of too much junk in the trunk may be over.

While Kardashian butts are getting smaller, their lips are getting bigger. Khloe Kardashian joined her sister Kylie in pursuit of fuller lips. Their choice is inspiring a new generation of aesthetic enhancement enthusiasts.

Twilight Tweakments are Twerrific

Patients are flocking to treatments that offer modest, natural looking results with very little downtime. The name Twighlight Tweakments is an umbrella term for outpatient procedures that are performed under sedation or local anaesthesia. Before you leap into these trending treatments, it’s important you fully understand the ins and outs of your chosen in-office procedure and whether it’s safe to be performed in this manner.

5 Cosmetic Surgery Trends You Shouldn’t Follow

Though they may sound tempting, these cosmetic treatments should be avoided:

  • Silicone oil injections – Infection and/or inflammation caused by this treatment for acne scars can trigger serious complications.
  • Neck lifts that remove glands – Removal of the glands below the jawline can lead to mouth bleeding and permanent dry mouth.
  • Rib Removal – This was a common procedure with Hollywood stars of the 50’s, and a dangerous one. The procedure includes the risk of damaging the kidneys and puncturing a lung.
  • Removing Fat Pads from the Cheeks – Patients of this procedure start with stylish hollowed out cheeks that then become skeletal-looking as they age and lose volume naturally.
  • Threadlifting – Different than “threading,” a cosmetic treatment for eyebrows and facial hair, threadlifting is a type of mini facelift. The procedure can leave patients with dimpling and irregular bunching of the skin.

What’s In YOUR Future?

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