You’ve Got the Power: Questions Before Breast Enhancement

Form and Face believes in enhancement and empowerment, and we believe that nothing is more empowering than knowledge. Our founder Dr Benjamin Norris asks lots of questions during a consult with patients seeking breast augmentation. You should ask questions, too, and not just about your procedure.

Breast Enhancement: 8 Questions for Your Surgeon

Are you shy about asking a medical professional about his/her background? Don’t be. A top-notch surgeon will welcome your questions and proudly answer them.

Find out…

  1. Where did you receive your training?
  2. Are you board-certified?
  3. Are you a cosmetic surgeon? A plastic surgeon?
  4. How many years of cosmetic plastic surgery experience have you had?
  5. Do you have hospital privileges? (Ask which hospital your doctor uses, too.)
  6. How many breast procedures have you prformed in your career, and in the last year?
  7. What percentage of your practice is dedicated to breast augmentation?
  8. Do you have before and after photos I can see?

7 Questions about Breast Augmentation Surgery

Put your mind at ease regarding your procedure by asking these questions:

  1. Will I have to stay in a hospital? How long?
  2. How long will the surgery take?
  3. Do you recommend having more than one procedure (i.e., breast implant and lift) done at the same time?
  4. How long will I be in pain?
  5. What is the average time it takes for recovery?
  6. Will I have to limit my activities in any way?
  7. Will I have a scar? Where will it be?

If you are considering breast implants, here are two additional questions you should pose:

  • Do you use saline or silicone implants? Why?
  • What size, shape, and surface texture do you recommend? Why?

4 Questions about the Risks of Breast & Lifts

Are you certain that the rewards of surgery outweigh the risks? If so, be sure to ask:

  1. How likely am I to get an infection?
  2. What are the risks of general and local anaesthesia? Which do you use? Why?
  3. Is there anything I can do before or after my procedure to minimise the risks?
  4. Will my surgery affect my breast skin or nipple sensation?

6 Questions about Breast Surgery Results

Your breast enhancement story doesn’t end when you wake up from surgery. These questions will help you understand the long-term implications of your procedure:

  1. How long will my implants last?
  2. Will I need additional follow-up appointments?
  3. What will I need to do to maintain my implants?
  4. What is the possibility of a rupture? How will I know it’s occurred?
  5. Can I breastfeed after my surgery?
  6. What do I do if I’m unhappy with my results?

Breast Augmentation: Ask an Expert

If you have questions about breast lifts, breast implants, and other body contouring procedures, we invite you to let us be your guide. If you’d like to know more about our approach to empowering patients with knowledge, please reach out to us on 02 9387 3800 or use our online enquiry form.

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