Be a Mum & More: How to Get Your Sexy Breasts Back

Be a Mum & More: How to Get Your Sexy Breasts Back

When you gave birth, your life changed forever. You took on the exciting and fulfilling role of “Mummy.” Your breasts have changed, too. Once an object of desire for the opposite sex, they became an object of desire for your hungry little one.

Your breasts may have blossomed during the nine months you carried your child, but now they may be withering. Pregnancy, nursing, and gravity conspire to rob a woman’s breasts of their natural elasticity and firmness

This raises an important question: What happens when breast feeding stops and you want to return to the other roles that mothers have? How do you get back to being the glamorous wife, sexy lover, fashionable friend, and/or stylish business executive you were before you become a mum?

For many mums, the answer is breast lift surgery. Restoring breast volume with lifts and implants can provide an excellent result with minimal scarring. If your goal is to get your breasts back to your pre-baby profile, this may be an ideal procedure for you.

In this post I’ll be letting you know about the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery that now make it easier than ever for mums to reclaim their beautiful pre-baby breasts.

5 Easy Exercises for Better Breasts

Don’t get me wrong! I’m always in favour of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Maintaining a healthy weight is important, as excess body fat can cause breasts to become misshapen.

As for exercise, any activity that challenges your pectoral muscles (the major muscle in your chest) is good for your breasts. Even lifting your baby helps!

There are also some easy exercises that can positively affect your breasts when done regularly, such as:

  • Push ups
  • Dips
  • Bench presses
  • Reps on a pectoral fly machine.

When Diet & Exercise Aren’t Enough

Unfortunately, there are some changes in the body that even the most sincere lifestyle changes can’t fully correct. Drooping breasts are among them. That fact of life is one reason I practice cosmetic surgery. 

It’s my passion to help women look and feel their best when they think Mother Nature has deserted them. I want my patients to enter the new phase of their lives as mums celebrating their womanly curves, not mourning their loss.

Breast Lifts and Breast Implants: Together or Separately?

For women who have excessive sagging, breast lift surgery can remove extra skin and some of the underlying tissue in the breast. The remaining breast tissue is repositioned along with the nipple so that breasts are higher and firmer.

In conjunction with a breast lift, many women choose to have their breasts augmented with breast implants

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