Male Body Procedures

usa vs australia hugh jackman  channing tatum face | Form & Face

USA vs. Australia: Hugh Jackman & Channing Tatum Face Off

Over the years we’ve seen quite an increase in the number of men visiting Form and Face. Just like our female patients, they want to rejuvenate their faces, sculpt their bodies, and revitalise their appearance. There’s another characteristic shared by the male and female patients that consult with Dr Norris regarding cosmetic enhancement. Patients of both genders are often inspired to sculpt their bodies in pursuit of physical ideals presented in the media, particularly the movies. In this article, we …

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gynaecomastia surgery more than a cosmetic boost for boys | Form & Face

Gynaecomastia Surgery: More than a Cosmetic Boost for Boys

Gynaecomastia Surgery: More than a Cosmetic Boost for Boys It may not surprise you to know that many patients who consult with Dr Norris about breast surgery are older men. Like their female counterparts, older men experience hormonal shifts as they age, along with a loss of muscle and skin tone. Gynaecomastia surgery can remove excess fat, tighten skin, and help older men reclaim a more youthful physique. What may surprise you, however, is the increasing number of teenage boys …

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male breast reduction – the time is now | Form & Face

Male Breast Reduction – The Time is NOW

Despite all the advancements in cosmetic surgery over the years, many of my male patients at Form and Face in Bondi Junction are self-conscious about male breast reduction surgery. Happily that self-consciousness turns to increased self-esteem when they experience the results of this procedure. Winter presents an outstanding opportunity for cosmetic treatments like male breast reduction (gynaecomastia) that many men would prefer to keep under their hats. Let me explain why. Male Breast Reduction Is NOT Just a Weight Issue …

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fat grafting   a robin hood like approach to beauty | Form & Face

Fat Grafting: A Robin Hood-Like Approach to Beauty

In many ways, fat grafting—also known as fat transfer surgery—is the Robin Hood of cosmetic procedures. The lovable scoundrel of Sherwood Forest took from the rich and gave to the poor. With fat grafting, your surgeon takes your own body fat where it is available in excess and transfers it to another part of the body that is in need of plumping. So before you curse the spare tire around your middle or the junk in your trunk, let me …

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the right fix for abdominal fat | Form & Face

The Right “Fix” for Abdominal Fat

“Dr Norris, will liposuction help me get my figure back, or do I need a tummy tuck?” This excellent question is posed to me frequently, and I’m going to try and answer it today for everyone who is wondering just what the difference is between abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and liposuction. Let me begin by saying that excess skin and fat in the tummy area is a problem for almost everyone. Even the most stringent diet and most rigorous workout schedule …

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