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Liposuction to thighs model photo 02

Liposuction…Not Just for Thighs Anymore – Part 1

Liposuction was created to help men and women achieve proportionate, healthy bodies, with curves in all of the right places.It has been with us since the early 20th Century, but came into its own when Dr. Yves-Gerard Illouz pioneered SAL— Suction Assisted Liposuction—in 1974. The procedure has continued to evolve and improve. Once used primarily on the inner and outer thighs, liposuction today is used for contouring all over the body, including the back fat that can be so troublesome …

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Liposuction to thighs model 01

Liposuction…Not Just for Thighs Anymore – Part 2

In my most recent post, I introduced you to the benefits of liposuction and showed you how they can work on the ABC’s of your body. That post was just the tip of the iceberg regarding the many faces of liposuction. Today, we’re going to work our way down the human body and discover what else this established cosmetic enhancement procedure can do for you.  Liposuction from Head (Almost) to Toe  Neck – Excess neck fat is a hallmark of …

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