Resolution 2014: Banish Bat Wings

Resolution 2014: Banish Bat Wings

Unfortunately, Bat wings aren’t just for Batman. As women age, loose skin, tissue and excess fat develop along the upper arm, wiggling and undulating like a bat wing. Not only is this upper arm thickness aesthetically displeasing, it makes it difficult to find clothing with sleeves that accommodate your wings.

By the way, you’re not to blame for your bat wings. Although overeating and obesity may contribute to their development, bat wings are frequently a hereditary condition.

 I’d like to share some information on ways that liposuction can get rid of the bat wings that drive you batty every time you want to put on a short-sleeved top.

 5-Step Liposuction for Bat Wings

“Bat wing liposuction” more commonly referred to as “arm liposuction” is a surgical procedure that “shrinks” your upper arms and tones and sculpts them so they look more shapely. It can be combined with an arm lift (described below), which tightens the skin that is left behind.

Here’s what you’ll experience

  •  Step 1 – A local anaesthetic and/or a mild sedative will be administered.
  •  Step 2 – After you are fully numb, incisions will be made in each arm through which a tumescent solution will be administered.
  •  Step 3 – A suction device called a cannula will then be inserted and moved around throughout your treatment. This creates tiny tunnels to dissolve and remove fat.
  •  Step 4 – The fat is suctioned out of the area.
  •  Step 5 – The treated area is wrapped with a compression garment to protect and support it during healing. No stiches are required and there are seldom any noticeable scars.

Today’s liposuction techniques are minimally invasive, which reduces pain, bruising and swelling during the recovery process. The entire arm liposuction treatment usually lasts just an hour or two. Following your procedure, you should be able to return to work within one or two days.

 Winged Victory

Especially in the world of cosmetic enhancement, “Seeing Is Believing.” It’s my pleasure to share these before-and-after photos, which I hope will make you a believer when it comes to the benefits of liposuction, and arm lifts for bat wings.

Liposculpture Dr Norris 1.1 Liposculpture Dr Norris 1

If this procedure is of interest to you, we hope you will contact our office for a no-obligation consultation. We can discuss the various options available and help you navigate any questions you have about liposuction and arm lift surgery.

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